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Before the creation of the University of Guyana, the Center for Archives and Ethnographic Documentation of Guyana (CADEG) was an internal team of the Center of Interdisciplinary Research in Letters, Languages, Arts and Human Sciences. Since 2016, the Migration, Interculturality and Education in the Amazon (MINEA) Research Unit was created to continue the activities previously carried out by CADEG.


Nowadays, the projects of the MINEA Research Unit focuses on territories and societies of the Amazon, and are organized around three sub-themes:

Theme 1. Amazonian spaces: dynamics, tensions and development

Theme 2. Tangible and intangible Amazonian heritage

Theme 3. Democracies and societies in the Amazon


The aims and ambitions of MINEA can be summarized in the following points:

1. To participate in the renewal of research in the human and social sciences,

2. To be part of a dynamic of international cooperation.



All this, with the purpose of favoring and supporting the regional scale and the interaction of scales. The members of MINEA are part of a collaborative approach, aiming to be part of projects to federate the different laboratories in Guyana, in particular USR LEEISA and UMR EcoFoG.             


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